Born and raised in Simcoe, Ontario AMY WRIGHT makes her career by choreographing and casting projects viewed by International audiences. Since her professional beginning in 1995 Amy has become one of Canada’s most in demand Choreographers. Her work includes feature films, movies of the week, television series, reality TV, commercials and stage musicals, including Canada’s prestigious SHAW FESTIVAL. Currently Amy is the Casting Director, Choreographer and Consulting Producer for the International hit television series “The Next Step” …

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I have been working with Amy Wright on a series for the last three years, and she has constantly shown an outstanding amount of joy and care for her position. The choreography Amy has produced is a perfect collaboration of everyone’s strengths and insights. On another level, Amy goes out of her way to share her knowledge to push each artist to their full potential. I would most definitely choose to work with Amy again.
I love working with Amy! Her energy is contagious. She always has an answer for everything. Such a positive force and a dream to work for.
JORDAN CLARKE , “Giselle” The Next Step, Winner SYTYCD CANADA
“Amy’s work on Grey Gardens with Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange was superb, choreographing stylish routines that perfectly reflected the time and mood of the film. She drew on both the quirky movements Little Edie (played by Drew) made famous in the documentary as well as Amy’s own knowledge of movement and dance. The cast and I trusted her to make everyone shine in every take.”
MICHAEL SUCSY, Golden Globe And Emmy Award Winning Film Director, Screenwriter, And Producer
“For my show I needed a choreographer that knew how to work with actors and keep it funny. Amy was awesome at both and I have loved working with her ever since.”
RON JAMES, Comedian, Producer, Performer THE RON JAMES SHOW
Amy always brings love and incredible energy to her work. She continues to inspire me with her enthusiasm and never fails to make us look amazing on camera!
“Amy’s skill as a choreographer is only out matched by her spirit and enthusiasm, her positive energy is welcomed and contagious.”
SAMIR REHIM, Gemini And Genie Nominated Television Director
“It’s always a joy to work with Amy. She is my first call choreographer. Cast love working with her and her enthusiasm is infectious – everyone has fun when Amy is on set. Her choreography is excellent from period work, to helping cast look purposefully awkward – Amy’s done it all. Any show will benefit from involving Amy in their dance routines.”
MICHAEL WRAY , 12 MONKEYS Producer, Production Manager


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